Through partnerships with local schools and organizations, CampDads provides adventure-based programming to foster personal growth, develop authentic relationships, practice good stewardship and drive outdoor experiences.

Building strong families & friendships around the campfire since 2013.

Growth Oriented

3000+ Youth directly impacted through classroom and outdoor workshops

Through our rocketry workshops, robotics coaching and other activities, we have worked with YMCA groups, School Districts and other Organizations to provide day, week and semester long programs.

Participating students have been inspired to pursue higher education and careers in technology, physical and earth sciences.

Relationally Grounded

5000+ meals served for adventure groups and international missions efforts

To support adventure groups in remote locations, we have served hot meals for groups of 50 to over 500. Nothing brings people together better than a good meal next to a campfire on a cold night.

We have also partnered with ministry groups to provide meals and support to underserved and marginalized communities outside the United States.

Stewardship Minded

16,000+ pounds of trash removed from public lands and national forests

In cooperation with United States Forestry Service, Bureau of Land Management and other non-profit organizations, we have coordinated, supported and participated in trail cleanups across the country.

We have a continued commitment to support stewardship efforts through our TrailTeams program and grant opportunities.

Experience Driven

250+ individuals experienced over 150,000 combined off-road miles in North America

We have planned and guided hundreds of trips in over 30 states for the adventurers who prefer experiences over possessions. From 4×4 tours in Southern California to cross-country overland expeditions, we have made so many new friends and look forward to friends to come.

We have partners across the United States and Mexico who can help with your next adventure.

Our Vision

Is to empower youth to confidently contribute to society through challenging learning and outdoor adventures in preparation for adult life.

Our Mission

Is to build authentic relationships by providing outdoor experiences that foster a journey of personal growth while being good stewards of nature. 

Get Involved

We rely on the support of our generous donors and sponsors to provide programs and activities for local youth.


Connect youth to the transformative power of the outdoors by donating.


We have a range of volunteer roles based on your level of commitment.

Corporate Engagement

Company partnerships allow us to expand our regional youth impact.

Join our Team

Join the adventure as we launch teams to support our mission.

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